aka Frontiermon

  • I live in In A Can
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Opening Cans And Living In Them
  • I am A Robot
  • Frontiermon

    Hey Everyone!

    I Need Some Help For What I´m Going To Try And Do.

    My Idea Is To Try To Organize The News Section Up A Bit.

    The Problem Is That I Don´t Know If I Will Be Able To Put ALL The News Articles In The Correct Section,Or Even If I Added All The Articles.

    If Anybody Notices Anything Missing,Please Either Tell Me Or Add It Yourselves!

    This Will Be Really Helpful To Me!

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  • Frontiermon


    November 6, 2016 by Frontiermon

    Its Been Almost 2 Months Since The Last Update That Added To The Game...

    ios Is At 1.2 And Android Is On 1.2.2 but those Updates Were Only Fixing Glitches...

    I Am Losing Intrest In The Game Every Day...It Was About 3 Weeks Until Just Earlier This Week A Picked Up The Game Again..

    We Really Need A New Update Soon...

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