Wikia likes to emphasize infoboxes, as seen in the "Pages Without Infoboxes" page it has on the wiki, but we really don't have infoboxes.

What sort of infoboxes would we add to our existing articles? I'm not sure.

But if we made a ton of articles for all the vehicles, research, and habitats then of course we could make a template to go with each type of page (as well as a category, which could either be added separately from the template or be added manually to each page).

I'm not really feeling up to making infoboxes at the moment, but maybe after I make all the other pages I will feel the motivation. I mean pages need some sort of written content (even if just a sentence) besides an infobox anyway, so it wouldn't hurt to make all the pages first and then let someone else (or myself, eventually) make and add the template later.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on infoboxes here.

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