I see we've developed a bit of a community here and so I might as well share a bit about myself as it relates to wikis.

High School

My first experience with Wikipedia was in high school. In 2005 I made my Wikipedia account after seeing the up-and-coming site for probably a year or so. I didn't do much with the site and still haven't done much with it actually. What I did do was sub-par, but I've learned more about wiki communities since then and how to be a proper editor.


Occasionally in college I would mass-contribute to WikiFAQs, the GameFAQs Wiki which is now usually dead (and by that I mean usually it's not even being hosted by a server). For a time I was even promoted to sysop (WikiFAQs Moderator) status due to my contributions. This was my first experience with admin-like duties on a wiki. Eventually I went inactive and was demoted (after a long time of inactivity).

The Epic Struggle Wiki

I hosted a forum game on GameFAQs for which one of the players eventually made a wiki on Wikia. This was my first experience with Wikia itself (other than simply viewing the site), and I became the primary (and sometimes it feels like "only") editor there. You can see this wiki here.

Survivor ORG Wiki

I realized later that there were whole communities of people already playing games like mine (and they were actually playing ON Wikia instead of just using Wikia to record some stats and history). The [ Survivor ORG Wiki] was the most popular of these games (even though it was preceded online by the still-running iSurv1vor series and by many other now-defunct games including ones I have hosted on GameFAQs), so I stated editing that wiki and applied to be on a season.

After playing in a season I got busy with real-life after my season was over, so I haven't edited it as much as I intended to do since then, but I still have a long-term goal to improve the wiki by using more templates to display data. I'm kind of test-running the data templates on The Epic Struggle Wiki, except I rarely actually work on it so the rate of progress is ridiculously slow. Maybe one day I will speed it up?

Egg Inc Wiki

I like the little community here and still have some ideas to improve this wiki, especially if I can figure out how the formulas work. I suppose I could still vanish at any point, but for now I'm trying to be active and maybe get that badge for editing every day. Will I go for the full year badge? I don't know. But maybe I'll get the badge right before that one.

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