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  • Dreampenguin

    A Lot

    December 17, 2016 by Dreampenguin

    I knew from the past that Egg Inc used "A LOT" when you got beyond duodecillion, but I am really disappointed to see that it is still using "A LOT" even now that it is reasonably possible in-game to get to a tredecillion.

    Granted I am #33 in soul eggs (after getting all the gold trophies) and now have a fully maxed Prodigy Egg Farm, but this still shouldn't be happening. The developers should put tredecillion and even quattuordecillion into the code, since I believe quattuordecillion is somewhat easier to reach in v1.3 than tredecillion was in v1.2.

    If someone is really dedicated to farming golden eggs with the piggy bank (or just has a boatload of money), they could fast forward through enough 24 hour intervals to reach 1 quattuordecillion,…

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  • Dreampenguin

    I just thought of a fun alternative title for this game - Clucker Heroes

    But mostly this blog post is to let everyone know that I've gone very inactive on this wiki and rather inactive in the game. I've still been opening the app about once per day to get my daily golden egg bonus, but I don't even bother with the ad doubler. Once I hit 1 duodecillion with everything on the farm, I just stopped caring. I'm now around 1.5 duodecillion. I'll probably play a bit more each time they update the app, but likely never as much as I played during v1.2.

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  • Dreampenguin


    October 6, 2016 by Dreampenguin

    I went to Starbucks today and saw a guy sitting at a table playing Egg Inc. that was pretty cool. He said he had been playing about two weeks and is in the octillions range now.

    Has anyoe else here randomly ran into an Egg Inc player IRL?

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  • Dreampenguin

    I'm not sure if this is the biggest piggy bank ever in Egg Inc or not.... I would guess probably not, but it's pretty big. Thanks to many prestiges at Immortality, Tachyon, and occasionally Graviton or Dilithium eggs, I'm a little above 105,000 golden eggs in my piggy bank now, and I plan to crack the bank pretty soon once this Dilithium Farm slows down to the point that it takes too long to get more golden eggs into the bank.

    Cracking this bank won't get me all of my remaining epic upgrades, but it should get me roughly halfway there. Then I plan to calculate exactly how many golden eggs I'd still need to finish them. Some of my eggs this time (maybe 4,000 of them) will actually be expended to advance time to get me a chicken-filled Dilith…

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  • Dreampenguin

    Thinking about Infoboxes

    September 26, 2016 by Dreampenguin

    Wikia likes to emphasize infoboxes, as seen in the "Pages Without Infoboxes" page it has on the wiki, but we really don't have infoboxes.

    What sort of infoboxes would we add to our existing articles? I'm not sure.

    But if we made a ton of articles for all the vehicles, research, and habitats then of course we could make a template to go with each type of page (as well as a category, which could either be added separately from the template or be added manually to each page).

    I'm not really feeling up to making infoboxes at the moment, but maybe after I make all the other pages I will feel the motivation. I mean pages need some sort of written content (even if just a sentence) besides an infobox anyway, so it wouldn't hurt to make all the pages …

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