• Connoc

    Grinding up the Piggy Bank

    October 10, 2016 by Connoc

    Recently I've been trying to increase the golden eggs in my piggy bank. It's up to about 67.5k now, and I am not really sure yet on when to crack it open. I've also got almost 14k soul eggs as well. I'm not really sure on what to spend the golden eggs on in Epic Research for when I finally crack it open and depending on how many I get from it. 

    My strategy for maximising the eggs is as follows:

    1. Start a new farm. Hold to hatch 250 chickens, unlock 1 habitat of highest capacity possible ASAP

    2. Purchase as many research upgrades as possible as fast as possible.

    3. Once there aren't any more to purchase quickly, upgrade the egg.

    4. Repeat the hatching, hab, research process over and over until I reach Quantum eggs, because at that point I actua…

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