Trophies get unlocked when all missions have been completed.

Trophies are gained when the number of chickens on your farm reaches a certain level: at 10 million, 50 million, 250 million and 1 billion chickens. Each egg has four trophy tiers: a bronze, silver, gold and platinum tier.

Egg type Bronze reward

(10 million chickens)

Silver reward

(50 million chickens)

Gold reward

(250 million chickens)

Platinum reward

(1 billion chickens)

Edible Egg soul50,000 Egg soul5 million Egg soul400 million Egg soul10 billion
Superfood Egg soul25,000 Egg soul1 million Egg soul80 million Egg soul2.5 billion
Medical Egg soul12,500 Egg soul250,000 Egg soul15 million Egg soul500 million
Rocket Fuel Egg soul7,500 Egg soul100,000 Egg soul3 million Egg soul150 million
Super Material Egg soul5,000 Egg soul35,000 Egg soul750,000 Egg soul40 million
Fusion Egg soul3,500 Egg soul25,000 Egg soul175,000 Egg soul10 million
Quantum Egg soul3,000 Egg soul20,000 Egg soul125,000 Egg soul2.5 million
Immortality Egg soul2,500 Egg soul15,000 Egg soul75,000 Egg soul1 million
Tachyon Egg soul2,000 Egg soul10,000 Egg soul50,000 Egg soul250,000
Graviton Egg soul1,000 Egg soul5,000 Egg soul25,000 Egg soul100,000
Dilithium Golden egg 11,000 Golden egg 12,500 Golden egg 15,000 Golden egg 15,000
Prodigy Golden egg 12,000 Golden egg 13,500 Golden egg 17,500 Golden egg 15,000
Terraform Golden egg 13,000 Golden egg 15,000 Golden egg 110,000 Golden egg 12,500
Antimatter Golden egg 12,500 Golden egg 14,000 Golden egg 16,000 Golden egg 12,000
Dark Matter Golden egg 12,000 Golden egg 13,000 Golden egg 14,000 Golden egg 11,000

Pro Tip: You can complete the trophies even before you complete the missions. However you won't get the rewards until you complete missions.

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