The Super Material Egg is the fifth egg in Egg, Inc.

It is made of 'programmable metal' laid by 'Iron Chickens' that can become almost anything.

They were first used to make utensils like size-changing knives, then they were used to make cars that could change shape before becoming house kits with a price of £10,000.


These eggs appear to be completely made of a metallic material in what is presumably its base state.

Egg 1
Edible Egg
Egg 2
Superfood Egg
Egg 3
Medical Egg
Egg 4
Rocket Fuel Egg
Egg 5
Super Material Egg
Egg 6
Fusion Egg
Egg 7
Quantum Egg
Egg 8
Immortality Egg
Egg 9
Tachyon Egg
Egg 10
Graviton Egg
Egg 11
Dilithium Egg
Egg 12
Prodigy Egg
Egg 13
Terraform Egg
Egg antimatter
Anti-Matter Egg
Egg darkmatter
Dark Matter Egg
Egg ai
AI Egg
Egg Nebula
Nebula Egg
Egg 0
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