Rocket Fuel Egg News

rf_university LOOKING FOR MORE University experiments seek to answer the question if genetically modified chicken eggs can be used for more than human consumption. 

rocket_fuel_discovered EGGSPLOSION! Genome stabilized for so-called 'Rocket Chickens', laying super dense combustible eggs expected to revolutionize space travel. 

rf_spacex1 HE'S DONE IT AGAIN A new startup by Trillionaire Elom Nusk - SpaceEggs - has created a stable liquid rocket fuel derived from new rocket chickens! TO INFINITY 

SpaceEggs launches first rocket powered by eggs into orbit.

rf_nasa AND BEYOND NASA launches satellite into space using Rocket Egg fuel provided by SpaceEggs. Only one stage was needed to reach orbit. ALRIGHT

rf_spacex2 Elom Nusk expects to be living on Mars in 6 months as his 'Chicken-9' rocket completes 3 orbital launches without refueling.

rf_spacex3 RED CHICKEN Elom Nusk has sent his first transmission from the Red Planet. All systems nominal.