The Rocket Fuel Egg is the fourth egg in Egg, Inc. You need a farm value of at least Money VC230 billion in order to upgrade to a Rocket Fuel Egg Farm.

It is an egg filled with dense, powerful rocket fuel that can send a satellite into orbit with just 1 stage.

It was first planned during experiments at a university, then 'Rocket Chickens' were created that could lay these eggs.

Soon, a trillionaire named Elom Nusk founded SpaceEggs to take advantage of these new eggs which was soon adopted by NASA to replace current types of rocket fuel, as it was found that spaceships using these eggs could reach Mars thrice without refueling.


Rocket Fuel Eggs have a brown outer shell and a superheated core that shines yellow.


  • Elom Nusk, the man who first used Rocket Fuel Eggs, is a parody of Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX.
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