Egg, Inc. has many other sources of information -- the Internet is your friend!
Link Description Advisory The Egg, Inc. Wiki 4+
Umm, you're already here. Egg, Inc. Epic Research Costs Calculator 4+
It's just a calculator. Egg, Inc. APK (downloadable source) 4+
Don't upload contents of the source online, this is illegal. Egg, Inc. subreddit (unofficial) 9+
Occasional language but keeps a mild scope unlike general Reddit (don't visit the rest of Reddit if you're under 12 and take caution if you're under 15) Developer's Twitter 13+
Mainly politics, rarely mentions Egg, Inc. Mild to explicit language occasionally, do not visit if you are an easily offended-Republican. Egg inc conception wikia 4+

Unless somebody doesn't put an inappropriate comment or content, this website is free to edit with your own ideas!

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