The Quantum Egg is the seventh egg in Egg, Inc.

At a university, researchers reported a new chicken that layed eggs that appeared to exist and not exist randomly. It was then realized that a new breed of chicken was creating these unearthly eggs.

The shipping company FedEggs then found a rather mundane use for them; to instantly deliver packages. Soon, this was refined to send matter to other planets and teleporters to Mars and the Moon were built as they were colonized quickly.

Soon, humans were able to travel to the stars by combining Quantum Eggs and Fusion Eggs.


Quantum Eggs are silver eggs and their base color is identical to Fusion Eggs. They have a yellow glow and have 3 energy lines that cross at the egg's middle. Many dots cluster around the crossing point.

Egg 1
Edible Egg
Egg 2
Superfood Egg
Egg 3
Medical Egg
Egg 4
Rocket Fuel Egg
Egg 5
Super Material Egg
Egg 6
Fusion Egg
Egg 7
Quantum Egg
Egg 8
Immortality Egg
Egg 9
Tachyon Egg
Egg 10
Graviton Egg
Egg 11
Dilithium Egg
Egg 12
Prodigy Egg
Egg 13
Terraform Egg
Egg antimatter
Anti-Matter Egg
Egg darkmatter
Dark Matter Egg
Egg ai
AI Egg
Egg Nebula
Nebula Egg
Egg 0
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