The Bock currency icon in Egg, Inc.

Bocks are the main ingame currency of Egg, Inc (name found in source code). Virtually all functions are performed with Bocks, including buying Common upgrades, housing, silos, and vehicles. You can earn Bocks by producing eggs, tapping drones or elite drones, claiming boxes that are randomly dropped off, watching videos, completing early missions, or (very rarely) the Daily Gift.

It is possible to have negative Bocks but this is very rare and only caused by save file corruption or time traveling.

2 Bocks are approximately equivalent to $1 USD. This was found through finding the price of an egg in-game (0.25 Bocks) vs the price of an egg in the US ($0.125). Bocks are twice the value of dollars.

In V1.5, a continuation was made, extending it to 1054.


Unit Name Value
M Million 1,000,000
B Billion 1,000,000,000
T Trillion 1,000,000,000,000
q Quadrillion 1,000,000,000,000,000
Q Quintillion 1018
s Sextillion 1021
S Septillion 1024
o Octillion 1027
N Nonillion 1030
d Decillion 1033
U Undecillion 1036
D Duodecillion 1039
Td Tredecillion 1042
qd (Qd) Quattordecillion 1045
Qd Quindecillion 1048
sd Sexdecillion 1051
Sd Septendecillion 1054
[X] A LOT everything after 1055

Abbreviation Reformation

EnigmaLord515 has a custom proposal on this here.

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