Medical Egg News

med_experiment Funding for further exploration of the chicken genome explodes with many promising leads. 

HEALING EGGS Certain chickens now able to lay eggs with healing properties. 

medical_disc REGGOLUTION! Medical eggs enter human trials. Early results are promising. 

med_approved INCREGGABLE Medical eggs approved for over-the-counter use. Approved applications include migranes and arthritis. 

med_ccold COMMON COLD NO MORE Common virus and flu instantly cured by Medical Eggs. AMAZING 

Zika virus eliminated in humans and insects using Medical Egg yolk-based serum. 

med_gpd EGGONOMICS World economies boom as developing nations leap in measures of quality of life and well-being. 

med_cancer CANCER CANCELLED Medical eggs cleared as treatment for most early- and middle-stage cancers. 

med_papercut OUCH? Papercut dipped in Medical Egg yolk instantly healed. YAY

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