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What a silo looks like in the game.

Grain Silos are used for offline income. Each silo adds an hour of income before any upgrades.


There are 2 different permits. One of them requires an in-app purchase.

Standard Permit

The free, default permit. Allows for the construction of two silos.

Free permit

Free permit. No purchases are required.

Pro Permit

It costs $4.99 or £4.09. Allows for the construction of ten silos. Permit is kept when you sell your farm or restart.

Pro permit

Pro permit. Eight more silos available but costs $4.99 or £4.99.


The base cost of each silo is listed in the following table. The first silo appears by default.

Number Cost Exact cost values
1 Money VC0 (free) Money VC0
2 Money VC10,000 Money VC10,000
3 Money VC10,240,000 Money VC10,240,000
4 Money VC590.490M Money VC590,490,000
5 Money VC10.486B Money VC10,485,760,000
6 Money VC97.656B Money VC97,656,250,000
7 Money VC604.662B Money VC604,661,760,000
8 Money VC2.825T Money VC2,824,752,490,000
9 Money VC10.737T Money VC10,737,418,240,000
10 Money VC34.868T Money VC34,867,844,010,000

Formula for cost: (Number - 1) ^ 10 * 10,000


There are three Epic Upgrades that can increase the money production factor of silos.

Silo Capacity

Silo Capacity allows you to increase the away-time by six minutes per level. There are ten levels, maxing out at an additional one hour per silo.

Silo Quality

Silo Quality increases the percentage of income you make while away (the game is not running on the foreground of your device), by two percent (2%) per level. There are 40 levels, maxing out at an additional eighty percent (80%) income while you are away. As of V1.4, silos now change appearance depending on quality and capacity.


What an upgraded silo looks like in the game.

Cheaper Contractors

Cheaper Contractors reduces silo and hen house construction costs by 5%. There are ten levels, reducing the cost of silos by 50% when fully researched.