Golden Eggs are a form of currency which are used for Boosts and Epic Research. They can be received by purchasing them from the Shop, getting them from fallen drones, watching ads, or daily gifts.

How to obtain

Golden Eggs, as previously stated, can be obtained from The Shop, fallen drones, watching ads, opening boxes, trophies, and daily gifts.

The Shop

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Regular Drones

Regular Drones may give you 2 or rarely 12 Golden Eggs instead of the cash bonus.

Elite Drones

Elite Drones may give you 12 to 48 Golden Eggs instead of the cash bonus. With several upgrades in Drone Rewards epic research, it is possible to get 96 eggs, and getting said research past 100% Mark will rarely give 192 eggs. Perhaps, it is even possible to get more with Drone Research upgraded to the max.

Watching Ads

Sometimes, an ad notification may appear at the top right corner. You can then watch an ad to gain either 12, 24, 48,  rarely 96 or very, very rarely 396 Golden Eggs, in addition to cash bonuses.

Opening Boxes

Sometimes, a Transit will drop off a box for you to open. They can contain 6, 12 ,48, or very rarely 96 Golden Eggs, in addition to cash bonuses.

Daily Gifts

Once a day, you will receive a daily gift that is usually a Golden Egg bonus but has once been known to give a large cash bonus. The daily gift can be 12, 24, 48, 96, or very rarely 396 Golden Eggs.


About half of the missions have golden egg rewards ranging from 6-144 Golden Eggs.


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