The Fusion Egg is the sixth egg in Egg, Inc.

They were created by accident when botched Super Material Eggs electrocuted scientists and they were found to produce electricity.

Soon, after the eggs were refined, 'Fusion Chickens', chickens that could produce the new egg, were available for experienced farmers to purchase by the National Chicken Institute. A plant using these eggs even became efficient enough to supply half of the USA's energy.

Elom Nusk, the man who became famed for Rocket Fuel Eggs founded Teslegg and created the E90GG Sedan, a new supercar that ran on Fusion Eggs.

Eventually, all power on the globe was provided by Solar energy and Fusion Eggs.


Fusion Eggs are completely metallic eggs with glowing cyan cracks covering the egg. They resemble an electrified Edible Egg.


  • Teslegg is a reference to Tesla, a company that specializes in making cars, founded by Elon Musk.
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