Your farm's Farm Value is important. Not only does it let you upgrade your egg, it determines how much money drones, elite drones, packages and videos offer (their money values are a fraction of your Farm Value).

Farm value is the sum of the three following terms:

  • income/sec * 54000
  • income/sec/chicken * chicken hab max size * 6000
  • income/sec/chicken internal hatchery rate/hab/min 7200000


  • Multiply by accounting tricks (1.0x if not upgraded, 2.0x if fully upgraded)
  • Multiply by (1.0+0.5 for each egg upgrade above edible egg). Examples: Edible egg = 1.0x, superfood egg = 1.5x, medical egg = 2x, rocket fuel egg = 2.5x ... terraform egg = 7.0x)

(One way to think of the first two terms is as follows: You earn 10% of your farm value just from building habs, and the remaining 90% by filling them with chickens to the brim. The third term is fairly irrelevant as it will be about 0.7-3% the size of the second term.)

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