Egg, Inc. is a incremental idler game for iOS and Android published by Auxbrain, Inc on July 14, 2016. In Egg, Inc. you take the role of a chicken farmer who builds a chicken empire. The goal is to get as many chickens as you can, the best housing, transport, and upgrades, and to prestige as many times as you can.

After reaching a certain farm value, the eggs layed can be upgraded, eventually propelling humanity into the space age and beyond.


See page: Tutorial

Egg 1
Edible Egg
Egg 2
Superfood Egg
Egg 3
Medical Egg
Egg 4
Rocket Fuel Egg
Egg 5
Super Material Egg
Egg 6
Fusion Egg
Egg 7
Quantum Egg
Egg 8
Immortality Egg
Egg 9
Tachyon Egg
Egg 10
Graviton Egg
Egg 11
Dilithium Egg
Egg 12
Prodigy Egg
Egg 13
Terraform Egg
Egg antimatter
Anti-Matter Egg
Egg darkmatter
Dark Matter Egg
Egg ai
AI Egg
Egg Nebula
Nebula Egg
Egg 0
Coming Soon!