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Egg, Inc
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What is Egg, Inc.?
Egg, Inc. is an incremental idler for iOS and Android released by Auxbrain, Inc. in July 2016. To progress, earn money by farming various types of eggs, purchasing unique housing, vehicles, grain silos, and farm upgrades to enhance production. At the end-game, multiple types of prestige are available to restart the game with long-term benefits. Want to get started? View the tutorial!

Game mechanics

Egg, Inc. has many mechanics and features that make the game intriguing, including:


Since the addition of contract farms and the multiplayer aspect of them, many comments on the wiki have been for recruitment. A page has been made to ask for help in contracts, please read the page's rules and follow them accordingly.

Unofficial Discord

Below is a link to the unofficial discord of Egg Inc, if you join it please read and follow all the rules.



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