The Anti-Matter Egg is the fourteenth egg in Egg, Inc, added in V1.5.

A reactor powered by Dilithium Eggs exploded, a feat thought impossible. When this meltdown was investigated, it was found that the DNA enhancements from a supplier had resulted in chickens that layed Anti-Matter Eggs.

It was found that they were a trillion times more dense than Dilithium Eggs and became the new main fuel source.


Anti-Matter Eggs are black eggs with a white edge. Inside is a blue and pink cloud of gas with a star in the center.


  • Anti-matter is the opposite of matter and if they touch, they destroy each other and release massive amounts of energy.
  • If the descriptions are true, then an Anti-Matter egg produces 1 septillion gigawatts of energy as a Fusion Egg produces 1 gigawatt, Dilithium is 1 trillion times denser and Anti-Matter is 1 trillion times even denser.
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